Airport Entertainment

Clearing security and boarding a plane can be time consuming, tiring and sometimes stressful.  I pass the time by “people watching.”

Please remove all liquids from your bags!
Excuse me; we need to re-scan your bag.
Remember to get ALL of your belongings!
Soldiers in fatigues
That passenger must be running late.
Is she really going to run through the airport in those shoes?
They are traveling with 4 small children!
Purple, pink and orange hair
Some stand on the moving sidewalk, others say…. “Excuse me!”
Children and video games
“People” Magazine readers
His snack smells wonderful! There must be a Cinnabon close by.
How long are THEY going to be on vacation?
Business men and women
First time travelers
That person needs a suitcase on wheels.
Everyone is on their cell phone.
Sports teams headed to play….somewhere….
No way that suitcase fits in the overhead bin!

I have seen SO much and I’m still in the airport :)

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