Advice for new empty nesters….leave the nest and TRAVEL!

It doesn’t matter WHERE you go….just go!  We made a quick trip back to the Blue Ridge Parkway.  This time, it was Hound Ears Lodge and Club.  Unlike the last trip, we had cell phone coverage AND an internet connection!

Biking in the mountains is always a challenge.  Ricky posed the question Sunday morning and I said, “Yes” to…up Shull’s Mill Road, over the Linn Cove Viaduct, around and down Grandfather Mountain, up and down highway 105.  A great ride! Beautiful weather and lots of butterflies!   Next time, we are turning around after we ride over the Viaduct.  The view is worth seeing twice and riding down Shull’s Mill Road is better than up/down Highway 105!

Following a wild impulse, we “Ziplined” at Hawksnest!  We were by far the oldest people but we had a GREAT time and soon realized that it was everyone else’s first time too!  We felt safe and will do it again! 

Several good meals were our reward!  Lunch at Canyons Historic Restaurant and Bar is a pleasant experience.  Nothing fancy, but a great view if you are lucky enough to sit outside and a huge sandwich from the Ham Shoppe can be easily shared!  Our FAVORITE pick….The Gamekeeper Restaurant.  It is consistently fabulous.  We have visited several times!  Appetizer?  Order the Mixed Grill. The special…Elk tenderloin marinated in Espresso!  Truly delicious and "melt in your mouth good"! The Gamekeeper is a “do not miss” experience!

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