A Trojan Horse in Turkey

Pat and I spent two weeks in Turkey last spring and my favorite place of all was Cappadocia. It’s located in central Turkey. Caves were converted to chapels and painted inside to look like the churches of Constantinople (today’s Istanbul). People have worshipped in them for thousands of years.

Istanbul was a surprise. Absolutely beautiful. I was amazed at the flowers. Since it was spring, flowers were everywhere. The medians were full of tulips and primroses. Our guide told us they were planting thousands more this fall. I had expected a city that was crowded and dusty and instead found beautifully landscaped parks and roadways. The Grand Bazaar and Oriental Spice Market were fun to browse. Pat and I walked many places guide-less and felt safe.

We discovered a surprise in Canakkale which is located near the ruins of ancient Troy. The city contacted Hollywood after the movie Troy was filmed (Brad Pitt) and asked if they could have the Trojan horse that was in the film.  Hollywood said “yes!” as long as they paid for shipping. Canakkale paid for the shipping and now it stands in a park on their harbor!

The Turkish people and their foods were wonderful!  I ate yogurt with everything! It was THAT good!  GP

Gigi Phillips is a Group and Leisure Travel Advisor and a member of Aladdin's Study Abroad team. She joined Aladdin in 1978 and her favorite destinations include Asia, the Middle East and Eastern Europe. Gigi is originally from West Palm Beach. In her free time, she enjoys reading, gardening and always – travel. Her many years of destination experience, both visited and researched make her a fantastic resource for any client.


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