A Tale of Two Resorts…. (continued)

After a final walk around Couples Swept Away and a quick sighting of the purple-black Mango Hummingbird, we were transferred to Couples San Souci in Ocho Rios.  This cliff side resort is an hour and a half from Montego Bay and will satisfy the need .... "to get away from it all"!

Upon entering the lobby, we went into complete “tropical relaxation mode.”  Beyond the amenities of all-inclusive resorts, Couples Sans Souci provides a private and quiet experience while at the same time offering plenty of opportunities for those who want to socialize.

This resort is a romantic terrarium in the Caribbean.  Fern sprigged stone walls add to the ambience along with numerous tropical plants, flowers and birds.

Although this resort is small, picturesque views linger around every corner.  Look for the Grotto, the Mineral Pool, hidden hammocks, a giant chess board, the Mineral Hot Tub, the Balloon Bar, exercise room, and private places for two. Ocean views are everywhere at this quaint resort.

Charlie's Spa is charming.  Massages are done in cliff side cabanas....imagine ocean views, sounds AND the warmth of the sun....quite an experience!

The beach is small but delightful.  The topography limits access and therefore,it is not crowded.  Venders are resort approved and they do not bother the guests. 

San Souci also has an "Au Naturel" beach.  No clothes allowed EXCEPT after five. The sunset there was beautiful, even if a few moons were out.

Once the sun goes down, sit by the pond across from the tennis courts. The wildlife activity is quite entertaining.

We climbed Dunn's Falls and are glad we did!   It IS a tourist trap and should be avoided at ALL costs when cruise ships are in port.  Leave your jewelry at home. The water is cold and your fingers will shrink.

A few thoughts:
This Jamaican resort uses its restaurants well and we enjoyed our dining experiences. 

Our room was delightful but we would recommend giving up the convenience of a beachfront suite for a cliff side suite. The view, ambience and privacy are top notch.

Couples Sans Souci is best suited for a small group of friends and couples.  It gets an A+ for its romantic atmosphere.

Finally, Ricky and I found only one REAL problem with Couples Swept Away and Couple Sans Souci….they don’t serve The Real ThingSS





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