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Six Answers to Common Travel Questions
(Source: abcnews.com) Take a look at the following Q&A for the infrequent flier. I'm betting some of you seasoned travelers will learn a thing or two as well.

The Best Ways to Kill Time at Airports
(Source: cnn.com) Last year at airports across the world 18% of flights were delayed, leaving millions of passengers stuck with a lot of time on their hands.Most of us can kill time at airports with a bit of shopping or the distractions provided by our smartphones, but some instead choose to get creative.

How to Make Your Tiny Cabin Feel like a Castle
(Source: foxnews.com) While cruise ships are lauded for their activities, entertainment, and food options aplenty, they aren't exactly known for their spacious accommodations. In fact, some cabins measure as small as 114 square feet. But just because you've booked the smallest stateroom doesn't mean you have to feel confined.

Ten Best Bucket-List US Monuments and Landmarks
(Source: usatoday.com) Photographer Blaine Harrington III has worked around the world, but some of his favorite vistas are closer to home. Many of the country's most recognizable monuments and landmarks can be easily visited - and enjoyed without crowds, he says.

What Not to Pack
(Souce: nytimes.com) If you want to travel light, it's not merely what you pack that matters - it's what you don't pack. The key is knowing what you can buy at or have delivered to your destination.

The Travel List Challenge's 100 Places to Visit Before You Die
(Source: listchallenges.com) The first List Challenge I took was the Travel List Challenge via Facebook, consisting of 100 popular tourist destinations. However, a list containing those 100 places was not on the List Challenges website....until now. Granted the list skews American a bit, but so does Facebook, and so does the internet for that matter.


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