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Out of Office: Survival Guide for Newbie Business Travelers (Source: linkedin.com) This post continues my series on business travel, focusing on hacks from seasoned business travelers on how they pack. These no-nonsense travel pros included colleagues from Citi and my LinkedIn network.

British Airways Launches Pet-Centric In-Flight Entertainment to Calm Passengers Down  (Source: foxnews.com) Ever wish flying could be a bit more cuddly? The in-flight entertainment team at British Airways is banking on the popularity of cute and fuzzy animals constantly trending with a new channel called "Paws and Relax." Kittens? Check. Puppies? Definitely.

Hilton's $550 Million Mobile Push Will Turn Smartphones Into Hotel Room Keys  (Source: entrepreneur.com) Hilton Worldwide, one of the biggest hotel conglomerates on earth, has announced a seismic foray into the mobile realm, with new technology that will enable guests at over 4,000 properties worldwide to reserve and customize their rooms -- and even open hotel doors -- all with the touch of a smartphone.

Things I Wish I Always Knew About Business Travel
(Source: linkedin.com) There are a lot of life lessons (as well simple travel lessons) that Business Travel can teach you. I remember one such occasion I needed to make a trip about 30 miles from my base location to see a new client. The meeting location was one that I was very familiar with as I had frequented it a number of times. For this trip, I chose to add a twist to my travel plans!

Five Reasons People Don't Work with a Travel Advisor (And Five Reasons You Should) (Source: virtuoso.com) Yes, travel advisors still exist-and you'll soon wonder how you ever traveled without one.

The Travel List Challenge's 100 Places to Visit Before You Die (Source: listchallenges.com) The first List Challenge I took was the Travel List Challenge via Facebook, consisting of 100 popular tourist destinations. However, a list containing those 100 places was not on the List Challenges website....until now. Granted the list skews American a bit, but so does Facebook, and so does the internet for that matter.


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